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Sport Society is a sports mall.
It’s where you belong when you move, refuel, shop and cheer.
It’s where we go to win the cup, watch the match, eat fresh
and meet our heroes. It’s ours. To inspire and be inspired.

The World’s Premier Sport Destination.

We are one. Join us!

More than a mall

We wanted to create much more than a mall – Dubai has enough. So, we created a unique concept that is irresistible to the millions of active Dubai residents. A community.

The community isn’t just a mall dressed up. It’s a safe, friendly place for families to get together and learn new things. A community of sport lovers to meet and watch a match. A chance to get fit and healthy. A chance to meet international sport heroes. A chance to buy the best sporting, health and wellness goods the world has to offer. A sense of belonging.

Whether you’re training, watching the match, shopping or refuelling, Sport Society has a unique ambience. It’s full of energy. Bright, colourful and designed to inspire young and old alike to stay active and love sport.

A Living Breathing Space

When you step in to Sport Society, you enter a new world of colour and light, wide open spaces and raw materials. This is an urban playground. An Arena where a different event takes place within it and around it daily. Flexible, always moving, never staying the same. An authentic ambience that feels natural and always surprises.

The Sport Society experience is designed with a modern industrial aesthetic combined with the vulnerabilities and strengths of the natural world.

Raw materials normally hidden in a traditional mall concept – concrete, steel, exposed wood – play a vital role in transporting visitors to a place that they recognise – a natural urban playground.

It stays true to the grit and steel that it takes to go the extra mile and build a stronger and healthier self. Unashamedly raw and uncomplicated.

We have created a community that displays the virtues of honesty – nothing is concealed. From the mechanics of the elevators whose inner workings are completely exposed, to polished concrete floors and visible mechanical structures and services, visitors see behind the scenes, behind the facade.

With Sport Society there is no veneer - only raw honesty.

All the Amenities you need

Make Sport Society your daily pit-stop

We’ve developed a community experience that makes living well much easier, whether you’re bringing the whole family to watch a game or joining friends for a workout.

Nursery & daycare

On-site daycare and nursery facilities make it easy for Mums and Dads to lead healthy, active lives.

Medical Centre

World-class medical professionals and outpatient services are on hand to deal with everyday medical needs.


Whether you’re diabetic, gluten-intolerant or just looking for nutritional advice to support your training goals, the clinic has the answers.

Prayer rooms

Sport Society has conveniently located prayer rooms for men and women.

Rehab & Physiotherapy centre

Keep things ticking smoothly and deal with minor sports injuries with one of the many experts on-site.


Cash machines from all the major banks make withdrawing cash fast and easy.

Spa and Beauty

A wide variety of relaxation and well-being facilities help hard-working sports lovers take time out and take care of the body and mind.

Personal shopping assistance

On-site retail consultants with expert knowledge of all aspects of sports equipment, goods and services, are on hand to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Free WiFi

Stay on message and in touch, whether you’re stocking up on organic groceries or hitting the treadmill, with Sport Society free WiFi.

Car wash and valet

Save time parking with our valet service so you can spend more time experiencing the community. Our car washing services also mean you can return to a sparkling car after your workout.

Mobile charging stations

Refuel your phone wherever you are in Sport Society at one of our many mobile charging stations.

Sport Society is right where it needs to be, just off the highway and up to a 30-minute drive from the edges of the city. It’s sprinting distance from the airport, so Dubai’s 15 million+ annual tourists can get there within minutes. Connecting up to 1 million residents within a short 15-minute drive, Sport Society is also right next to an established community, Mirdif, with easy access from its arterial roads.

It’s the perfect place to be.

Whether you’re training, watching the match, shopping or refuelling, Sport Society has a unique ambience. It’s full of energy. Bright, colourful and designed to inspire young and old alike to stay active and love sport.

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