cheer as one

cheer as one

The Arena is Sport Society’s beating heart

Surrounded by stadium seats, the Arena’s energy is sure to draw a crowd with its ever-changing, versatile nature.

Sport Society has the facilities and award-winning events management team to deliver a unique experience to the Arena every day, organizing a programme of frequent activities to create buzz and excitement.

The Arena will play host to a multitude of events, from international sport celebrity meet-and-greets, product launches, dance demonstrations and even fan zones to watch all the major sporting events and championships.

cheer as one

It’s the place to meet your heroes, follow a tournament and take part in team sports.

This is where we go to cheer our teams, raise the bar and beat the odds. It’s where we go to witness records being smashed and challenges overcome. It’s ours, to cheer as one.

Take your seat and enjoy the game.

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